A deeply experienced perspective is what Philip Reno brings to the world of color design. Philip spent the first eighteen years of his career as a master painter, faux finisher, and color consultant. During this time he accumulated first hand experience and observed the intricacies of paint color.

"The medium of architectural paint is very complex, more demanding in certain respects than color printing or the dying of textiles. Nothing substitutes for depth of experience in honing a sense of how a color will react in any given room, or under varying lighting conditions."

Philip's succeeding years -- since 1995 - have been spent in the retail side of the paint business. Operating San Francisco's premier color boutique, G&R Paint Company, he has brought to market a palette of colors second to none in their complexity and sophistication.

"After years of observing, I am focused on a way of developing color that responds to a sensibility that we share deeply as a cultural heritage. Color crazes come and go, but some extraordinary colors resonate over centuries, and it is these colors that we long for instinctively."

Philip's Perfect Colors have an affinity for each other, and for our inherited cultural receptors.

"I realized it wasn't more colors we needed, but more gratifying colors. Philip's Perfect Colors are the answer to my quest. The dark ages of paint color are over; it's time to trust the light."