Welcome Nan Kornfeld

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to Nan Kornfeld. Nan has worked with color throughout her career as a professional fine artist, furniture-maker, art conservateur and educator. She has spent twenty years teaching art and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her interests are as varied as puppeteering and quilt making, and as unique as having taught art in both colleges and jails! We will be having the pleasure of Nan on staff in the store Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays beginning June 18th. I am looking forward to having another comrade in color to work side by side with and to entrust my varied clientele to.

To kick things off in fine style Nan has agreed to give a hands on demonstration on Saturday June 20th from 1-3 pm. I will let her words speak to this matter:

“Color has the single greatest impact of anything in our environment. It is a language all people intuitively understand; in fact, human beings have many universal responses to and associations with color and the color relationships found in Nature, and it is this phenomenon we can use to organize, highlight, and identify architectural spaces, and affect mood, health, and even happiness.”

In this hands-on painting workshop, Nan will explore the many levels of human response to color and our inextricable link to the Natural World: how this relationship effects our choice of color, color palettes, and even brand of paint; and how this relationship can be applied to interior and exterior architectural environments. Understanding these principles allows us to dispense with trends and formulas in favor of complete creativity in concert with humane design.

Please call us at G&R Paint to reserve a space at the table for this unique afternoon. We are limited to twenty total participants, so please call ASAP.

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