Botticelli Ann Hall Color Design #39

I am very pleased to announce that the color Botticelli AHCD #39, from the Ann Hall Color Design Collection, is featured in the March 2010 edition of House Beautiful. Kudos to Kendall Wilkinson for calling out one of Ann Hall’s great colors. I haveĀ long beenĀ enamoured with Ann’s blues which are some of the softest and loveliest I have ever seen. It is only fitting that one of these great colors would be featured in an edition entitled, “All About Blue”. While blue is a perennial favorite, it can also come off as icy or “baby boy blue” if we’re not careful. The full spectrum nature of AHCD #39, along with all the other Ann Hall colors, helps to soften these unwanted tendencies. To put it in Kendall Wilkinson’s words, “It’s like a chameleon….” Go to to see more of Ann’s amazing colors. Check out Kendall’s store at 3419 Sacramento Street in San Francisco, or visit her website at

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