Bing…Cherry Cola!

I’m often asked how I get inspiration for my colors. The answer is in more ways than I can explain. Here is the most recent example of my creative process which produced PPC-DT12 Cherry Cola.

I was shopping in a local grocery store a few weeks back and they were having a one day sale on bing cherries. Now I LOVE cherries. They remind me of my favorite childhood treat, a cherry sundae from our local┬áDairy Queen. They had so many cherries in the store they were stacked everywhere. You couldn’t leave the store without buying some of these peak- of- the -season beauties. Needless to say I bought some.

I brought them back to the store and customers and staff were all enjoying their deliciousness when I caught one out of the corner of my eye and was mesmerized. I headed straight for the paint cans and in a little while I was on my way to making a color I thought I would call Bing. Here’s were the creative process is sometimes a bit unpredictable. As I was adjusting the color to get it where I thought I wanted it to go, it came to a beautiful red brown unlike anything that I had seen. After a bit of research looking to see if I had duplicated a color from some other manufacturer, I realized that this indeed was a “perfect color” as it was.

As I was walking around the store showing it to people trying to get inspirations for names, Nan Kornfeld our trusty color consultant chimed in with, “Cherry Cola”. I loved it immediately since it represented both where the inspiration started (cherry) and where it ended up (cola).

So this really is as much fun as you might imagine it to be at times. It is always a delight to have a new color born into the collection since it doesn’t happen very often. This one is super saturated with all the richness of the cherry while maintaining it’s overall brown hue. I put it next to my other newest color, PPC-GRN16 Mariposa Spring, and I wanted to run out and paint a room immediately!

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