As you mouse over the colors to the left they will reveal their names and a little story about each one. Please keep in mind that it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE PAINT COLORS ON A COMPUTER MONITOR. I considered not even having colors on the website because it can be so misleading, but in the end I felt that I would be cheating you the viewer if I didn't include something to represent the palette.

So with that in mind, enjoy the little snippets that I have published about each color. Sometimes I like to give suggestions about how I have seen the colors used successfully, and other times I just try to get you to see the colors in a particular way that I have found to be helpful. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how best to use color in your life. I only encourage you not to be afraid of it.

It is highly recommended that before you purchase any quantity of paint that you purchase either an oversized paint chip made from real paint or the 16oz. wet sample to try on your walls. There is no substitute for seeing the real paint itself, so don't overlook this most important step.

Remember, you only live once so make it a colorful experience!

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